Alternate Names Of The Animal Kingdom – Meme TShirt

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T Shirt Featuring The Following Animals – Duck Billed Platypus as Duck Puppy, Sea Otter as Sea CatSnake, Skunk as Fart Squirrel, Manta Ray as Majestic Sea Flap Flap, Seagull as Beach Chicken, Cobra in a Hat as Danger Noodle, Ostrich as Giraffe bird, | Grizzly Bear as Danger Floof, Rattlesnake as Nope Rope, Kangaroo as Tyrannosaurus Deer, Racoon as Trash Panda, Hippo as Danger Water Cow, Bald Eagle as FREEDOM GLIDER, Guinea Pig as Furry Potato, Llama as Giraffe Sheep, And Finally Ferret as Cat Snake. | This premium t-shirt is made of lightweight fine jersey fabric | Fit: Slim (consider ordering a larger size for a looser fit)

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